08/10/2016 Progress Report By Hope And Les Law - Trip To Sierra Leone.
Amazing Progress In Salone Since 2004
Hope and Les Law traveled to SL to personally see what the Fambul Members started and supported since 2004. Principal A. O. Barzey has continued the work begun in 2004. Go to the project report.
11/16/2015 Newsletter updates show progress at Heritage HS and S.L.
We Are Back With Lots Of Good News
Heritage UMC High School (HHS), and all schools, are open with a revised schedule to make up for lost classes. Opening in April through December for the 2014/15 school year, January through August for the 2015/16 school year Go to the Newsletter.
11/08/2013 Heritage Sister School In Kabala, Sierra Leone-West Africa
Heritage Sister School Progress in Salone
Daisy Digba Sankoh the principal at Kabala Heritage High School has sent photos of her staff and progress at the school. Secondary students in the Kabala area benefit from the school. Go to KHHS update.
09/10/2013 Heritage Sister School In Kabala, Sierra Leone-West Africa
Heritage Sister School Supported in Salone
The Heritage United Methodist High School in the Kabala area of Sierra Leone has benefited greatly from the outstanding help of Heritage High School in Littleton, Colorado. Go to Heritage.
09/10/2013 OC Team Project At Kabala School For ther Blind
Blind Students Benefit From Improvements
The government of Sierra Leone and Operation Classroom have combined to dramatically improve conditions at the Kabala School for the Blind. The OC team continues to support this effort.
09/10/2013 OC Team Visits NarSarah Clinic In Kabala, Sierra Leone
OC Supports NarSarah Clinic In Kabala
The UMC Rocky Mountain Conference Operation Classroom team under the leadership of Hope and Les Law continues to make a difference in Sierra Leone. Go to clinic.
09/10/2013 OC Team Continues to Build Friendships In Sierra Leone
OC Team Builds People To People Support
The OC Team contiues to build bridges of support between the Sierra Leone and American people. Education and medical needs are two areas that the OC teams have worked to improve.
01/31/2013 The Kabala Area Benefits From The New NarSarah Clinic
NarSarah Clinic Celebrates Progress
The Rocky Mountain Conference Team of OC has been a close partner of the medical clinic in Kabala. The Kargbo's of Kabala and the Laws from Colorado have led the effort to establish an outstanding clinic.
01/31/2013 The Kabala Area Benefits From The New NarSarah Clinic
OC Travel Celebrates Positives 2004-2012
From Freetown to Kabala the travels of Team 1, 2, and 3 during the summer of 2012 was a celebration of the positives that Sierra Leoneons and OC members have achieved together. Go to celebrations.
01/27/2012 Baoma Mathematics Teacher Workshop, Baoma, Salone
The Growth Of An Idea: 2005-2011
In July of 2004 Abu Mansaray a Makeni teacher requested that Operation Classroom conduct teacher workshops at the UMC Secondary School in Makeni. Some of the original attendees now conduct the workshops.

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