Operation Classroom: Blind School In Kabala - Summer 2013

The blind students at Kabala in 2008 had only a run down building as their school and dormitory. Five years later the students have equipment, classrooms, a new dormitory and cookhouse, and a much more positive future. PDF file of trip report.

Above left: Classroom activity. Above right: Newest student at the Kabala School for the Blind.

Two teachers from the Denver and Cherry Creek Public Schools as well as a blind USA college student worked with the Kabala School for the Blind students.

Above right: New cookhouse at the Kabala School for the Blind.

The gift of jump ropes provided fun for students and staff. With assistance students had the experience of riding a bicycle.

The students were given lessons in the classroom and experience in games that helped their physical coordination.

The use of games and music insured active participation of the students.

The principal and headmaster at the Kabala School for the Blind converse with an OC Team member.

The game of soccer is immensely popular in Sierra Leone.