Operation Classroom: Team Members - Summer 2013

There was one team this year because of our church merger and all the closing and beginning activities. It was a great team and our focus was to finish the Staff Housing at the School for the Blind. We had two teachers that work with the blind students in Denver and Cherry Creek Public Schools. Also Carrisa a Blind College Student (her second time going to SL) that went to work with students. The team took a lot of equipment and educational materials with them. PDF file of trip report.

Primary students at the school associated with one of the amputee camps.

The amputee camp has a building with a large new oven so that the camp can bake bread for use and for sale.

Above left: Church service held at the NarSarah Clinic. Above right: Veteran OC members.

New cookhouse at the School for the Blind in Kabala.

2013 OC Team members who traveled to Sierra Leone in the summer of 2013.

Mosquito nets were handed out in Kabala.

OC Team members working on the staff house at the School for the Blind in Kabala.

OC Team members at the School for the Blind in Kabala.

The Pueblo West church (John Blinn's church) has given most of the money to build the new church in Kabala.

The Primary school is funded by Minnesota UMC group that built the Clinic for Amanata outside of Makeni.

A visit to a nearby village outside of Kabala is pictured above. OC Team members were given a quick course by the famous 'Bubble Lady' in the art of causing mayhem via the portable bubble devices.

Helping prepare meals [with some coaching] was a natural for the OC Team.

Above left: The Women Against Poverty group maintains a large garden in Kabala.

Above: Abu Conteh's orphanage outside Freetown. Abu is a longtime OC Team member who orgainizes, drives, and helps solve the myriad of problems that might arise during the OC experience.

Below: Abu [below center] and his brother Emmanuel [below right] support an orphanage for 12 children in Makeni and Freetown. Also shown is Hope Law who along with her husband Les organize the OC Teams trip to Sierra Leone.