Progression Of The Original OC Teacher Workshops: 2005 - 2011

The Operation Classroom team began their Makeni mathematics workshop projects in 2005 ['05, '06, '07, 08 ]. The goal was to have the Sierra Leone teachers conduct the workshops. Beginning in 2007 and 2008 this goal was achieved. Patrick Bindi and Raymond Sannoh who were original Makeni Mathematics Workshop attendees were the facilitators at the Baoma Mathematics Teachers Workshop attended by Sierra Leone primary and secondary teachers from the Baoma community. The workshop was held in October, 2011. Patrick and Raymond Sannoh pioneered the Baoma Mathematics Workshops.

The Baoma Workshop in 2009 was funded by Operation Classroom participants. However the workshop in 2011 was funded and supported by the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers from Madison Wisconsin who fund projects by ther sale of their world famous International Calendars. Judy Figi who was in the original OC group that presented workshops in Makeni, Sierra Leone, submitted a grant request to the RPCV from Madison, Wisconsin. That grant was used to fund the October 2011 Mathematics Workshop in Baoma, Sierra Leone.

Above: Beginning of a letter from one of the attendees. Sample letters 1 | 2.

Below: Map showing the location of Baoma, Sierra Leone.

Raymond Sannoh [above left] and Patrick Bindi [above right[] Baoma, Sierra Leone teachers